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Katalyst Sleep

Katalyst Sleep

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Introducing Katalyst Sleep, a sleep aid supplement designed for busy entrepreneurs and high-stress professionals. This natural blend helps promote relaxation, improve sleep quality and reduce stress. 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day with Katalyst Sleep.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Luca Emmenegger
Verbessert den Schlaf merklich

Seit ich Katalyst Sleep nehme, schlafe ich tiefer und fühle mich am Morgen erholter und fitter. Selbst meine fast halbjährige Tochter höre ich kaum mehr und schlafe die Nächte durch.

Rafael Kaufmann
Funktioniert wirklich

Wenn ich Katalyst einnehme habe ich einen tiefen erholsamen Schlaf ohne dass ich am Morgen erschlagen bin.

Timo Kuenzli
Falling asleep fast, feeling well rested, ready to tackle the day!

After more than a week of not being able to sleep well and having restless nights due to work and immense stress I could finally fall asleep within minutes and have a most restful sleep thanks to Katalyst! I took 2 pills roughly 1.5hrs before bedtime and fell asleep right away. On nights one and two I did wake up during the night but starting night three I finally slept through a full 7.5hrs and felt amazing, fresh and good upon wakening. Highly recommend this product indeed. FYI I am 35 years old, General Manager of a busy Hotel and work out on a daily basis. Thank you for helping me sleep well, much appreciated!

Rahul Sahni
Wow! Really helped with my sleep.

This is one of the best sleep supplement I have had for the sleep.
Amazing ingredients combination.
Thank you.

Nem Filipovic
Great supplement

I have had ongoing insomnia and tried Catalyst Sleep recently. It helped me with both falling asleep faster and waking up less in the middle of the night. Have good energy in the mornings and no hangover, would recommend to anyone suffering from insomnia.